Uncle’s Weekend – Best 20 Year Tradition

Last Uncle’s Weekend! Theme song “Dog Days are Over” This past weekend we had our last uncle’s weekend at Saint Louis University. It’s been going on for almost 20 years and it is some of my best memories with my cousins and uncles. There are a lot of us, and if you know us, we…… Continue reading Uncle’s Weekend – Best 20 Year Tradition

Our Trip to Destin

Crystal Beach, Destin, FL We just got back from Destin and we stayed in the Crystal Beach area with my husband Greg’s family. I have been to this area one time before (Rosemary Beach) and it is by far the whitest beaches I have come across so far in the US. It’s just beautiful! Lunch…… Continue reading Our Trip to Destin

Our First Road Trip

WE ARE DRIVING! We’ve decided to head to Florida and DRIVE! For most people this isn’t a big deal, but for me it brings me loads of anxiety. Our kids are ages 4, 2, and 1 and Greg and I have zero clue how they will do. Brennan hasn’t been in the car longer than…… Continue reading Our First Road Trip

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