Front Porch Refresh – Mother’s Day Gift Edition

For Mother’s Day, my siblings and I decided to give our mom’s front porch a cute and simple little update. I have been talking with her about how I thought painting her front door would really make it pop more! Door before With their black railings, and black awnings (not pictured), I thought black was…… Continue reading Front Porch Refresh – Mother’s Day Gift Edition

Spring Planters for Front Porch

Newbie Planter I am just starting to really fall in love with plants. I have about 10 or 11 in my house, but my green thumb has never ventured to the outdoors. My mother-in-law always so graciously did this job for me every year. She is unbelievable at it so I always felt so lucky…… Continue reading Spring Planters for Front Porch

Front Porch Refresh Mother’s Day Present – Pt. 1

Mother’s Day Present My mom does EVERYTHING for us. My siblings and I would be lost without her. With Mother’s Day coming up, my sister Eileen and I were talking about what we should get her and thought a “Front Porch Refresh” would be just the thing she would love. Picture of my family. From…… Continue reading Front Porch Refresh Mother’s Day Present – Pt. 1

Plant Tips for Newbies

I’m a Newbie Too! I need to start this off by saying that I am by no means a plant expert! I’m actually a beginner myself. I’ve owned plants for a little over a year now: I’ve lost some, but have also kept many alive for a year plus so that’s something to celebrate! Philodendron…… Continue reading Plant Tips for Newbies

Front Porch Refresh

Our front porch is one of mine and Greg’s favorite spots. Come Spring, once the kids are down, you can find us out there winding down and recapping the day. So this Spring, I wanted to give it some love. We have had this furniture from Target for about 5 years now. I cannot find…… Continue reading Front Porch Refresh

Rugs in My Home

RUGS ARE MY JAM I think a rug can completely change a room. A lot of the time I find myself picking the rug first and then basing the rest of the decor around that. Reason being is rugs can have multiple colors so you can pull accent pieces from those colors. From Nesting With…… Continue reading Rugs in My Home