Our Trip to Kennebunkport, Maine

For our anniversary this year, Greg and I decided to head back to the Northeast! We went to Newport, RI last year and absolutely fell in love, so we decided to do something similar in Maine. Why Kennebunkport? You’d have to ask Greg. He does ALL the planning so he picked this town. I believe he has just always heard good things about it so that’s where we went. And man, was it beautiful!

Celebrating 6 years!


Greg does a TON of research when we go on a trip. I’m talking 4 months of discussing where we are going, where we will stay, and what we will do. We are opposites when it comes to organizing like that so I’m very appreciative.

View from our porch
View of Tides from the beach

Greg landed on Tides Beach Club because it was basically a 2 for 1 deal. Tides is located right on the beach and then they have a sister hotel called The Hidden Pond where we could use their pool, spa, etc… There was a shuttle that ran you back and forth which was very convenient and we even rode bikes back and forth one day. They were less than 2 miles apart.


The adult pool at Hidden Pond

This area was absolutely beautiful. We lounged here all morning one day. They have full food and bar access all day which is what we like to indulge in when away.

We also got a couples massage at their spa called The Tree Spa. Greg and I both agreed that is was the most beautiful spa room we have ever been in. And the massage was amazing!

Beautiful Spa surrounded by Trees


If you ask Greg what is a top priority when traveling, it would be food. He researches every place we go to. We are not a “fly by the seat of our pants” when it comes to food on vacation, so in turn, we always have great meals. Here are the restaurants we went to:

The Boathouse

Boathouse – This was our first meal and it was in downtown Kennebunkport. Our first taste of Seafood in ME was excellent! It’s right on the water and we would definitely go back.

Earth – This stunning restaurant is located at the sister hotel Hidden Pond. It has a prefixed menu and was delicious. You can choose 3 courses, or 4. We of course went with 4 which I would recommend as the portions are small.

Lobster Shack – A classic Lobster Roll was on our must-have list and we found the most delicious one here. Located in Ogunquit which was about a 45 min ride from our hotel. We did not make the drive just for the lobster roll, even though I wouldn’t put that past Greg. We wanted to spend the afternoon here because of the Marginal Way. Its a beautiful cliff walk along the coast.

The Marginal Way

Two places we stopped to grab drinks that I would recommend in Kennebunkport are Arundel Wharf and Ryan’s Corner House Pub. We didn’t get food at either place but Arundel’s is right on the water and Ryan’s Corner we jumped into because it started raining and they had live music! It was a blast – and bonus points because it was an Irish pub.

On the deck at Arundel Wharf

White Barn Inn – I hesitated sharing this restaurant because of how expensive it was. We didn’t realize that going in – whoops! But If you enjoy fine dining and don’t mind an expensive meal, this restaurant is a must! It was a 4 course meal with bigger portions than Earth. Greg and I were blown away. I snapped a pic of every course so you could see just how delicious it was.

If you do decide to go, we were EXTREMELY underdressed – whoops again. Most men had sport coats on and women in dresses. Greg was wearing a polo and shorts and I had jeans on – the stares that came our way were comical. Thankfully we were a few drinks in and also found the humor in it.


  1. A car is a must if you don’t stay in the downtown area. There were ZERO ubers and the taxi company never picked up our calls. Luckily the shuttle at the Hidden Pond accommodated us otherwise we would have been driving everywhere.
  2. This is a sleepy town! There is only 1 late night bar called the Pilot House. Everything else shutdowns around 9 or 10. This worked in our favor because of the car situation and the shuttle only running until 10, but this is definitely not an area to go to for some late night action.
  3. Make reservations ahead of time!
  4. Check out the Bush Compound. It’s fun to drive by and see the secret service everywhere.

We would definitely go back to Kennebunkport. It was a beautiful town and everyone was very friendly. Our 6th Anniversary trip was a success and we hope to explore somewhere new next year!

If you’ve been to Kennebunkport before, what are some of your favorite things to do?


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