Front Porch Refresh – Mother’s Day Gift Edition

For Mother’s Day, my siblings and I decided to give our mom’s front porch a cute and simple little update. I have been talking with her about how I thought painting her front door would really make it pop more!

Door before

With their black railings, and black awnings (not pictured), I thought black was the perfect color. My sister and I went over one day while she was at work and painted it!

We decided to paint the screen door as well. Can you see what a difference that made? Makes the door stand out even more!

Now onto the rest of the porch! They already had the furniture pictured above so we just brought in some pieces to finish off the look.

My siblings and I would truly be lost without our Mom. I know she loved this little gesture and it was the least we could do.


Rug – I love adding an outdoor rug to a seating area

Pillows and inserts

Wreath – my friend makes beautiful wreaths

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through one of my links, at no cost to you.


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