Front Porch Refresh Mother’s Day Present – Pt. 1

Mother’s Day Present

My mom does EVERYTHING for us. My siblings and I would be lost without her. With Mother’s Day coming up, my sister Eileen and I were talking about what we should get her and thought a “Front Porch Refresh” would be just the thing she would love.

Picture of my family. From left to right: sister-in-law Kerry, brother Jimmy, sister Eileen, Dad, Mom, Me, sister Nora, my husband Greg

One night last week my mom was over having some wine (we do that from time to time 🙂 ) and we were talking about plans for her backyard and I showed her my ideas for her front porch. She said she wanted to wait and focus on her backyard first so we hammered out those plans and then my siblings and I decided we would take care of her front porch for her.

I just recently revamped my front porch which you can find HERE.

Painting the Front Door

The first thing we wanted to do was paint the front door. We thought black would like great with her black railings and (not pictured) black awnings.

If you’ve never painted before, don’t be intimidated. This is only the second time I ever have used a paintbrush! First time was this fall when I painted my front door. I recommend just walking into Sherwin Williams (or your local paint store) and telling them exactly what you want to do. They will guide you in the right direction!

Satin Finish

Last fall I used the Satin finish on my door and loved it so decided to use it again. Here are the steps I followed:

  • Sand door
  • Clean door
  • Tape
  • Paint (we did 3 coats)
After 2 coats

I knew from the beginning I wanted to also paint the screen door black. My friend Brooke from Nesting with Grace always recommends that. Look at the differnece below!

Without screen door painted
Always fun to do with a partner, especially when you have 3 kids with you
Screen Door Painted
Love how it turned out!

Sooo happy with the finished product. And so are my mom and dad! Leave any questions you have below! We will be completing her front porch over the next week so stay tuned!


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