Plant Tips for Newbies

I’m a Newbie Too!

I need to start this off by saying that I am by no means a plant expert! I’m actually a beginner myself. I’ve owned plants for a little over a year now: I’ve lost some, but have also kept many alive for a year plus so that’s something to celebrate!

Philodendron Monstera

I was a faux plant lover all the way. I remember going to my aunt and uncle’s house and my aunt had a beautiful plant in her family room. I never thought I would be able to care for a plant like she did, but I’m here and I’m doing it!

Tips for the Beginning

My biggest tip for you is start small! Start with one plant and see how you like it. Also, start with an easy plant like a snake plant or pothos. Those were some of my first plants and they are still going strong!



This was the part that really intimidated me. How do you know when to water? How much should you water? I had no clue. So I put a reminder in my phone for “Water Wednesdays” which I suggest doing at the beginning. Get into a routine of remembering to water your plants.

Once you get comfortable with that, you will then realize that not every plant needs to be watered at the same time. Stick your finger in the soil 1 inch deep and when you pull it out if there is barely any soil stuck to your finger, then the plant needs to be watered, like the one pictured above.


This philodendron is not ready because the amount of soil stuck to my finger. This easy trick has helped me to stop over watering my plants!

Drain Hole vs. No Drain Hole

I used to think that plants without a drainage hole were a waste of money but now that I know how to water them, I would recommend them! The philodendron pictured above does not have a drainage hole so to water it, I completely soak it because it’s important to fully water your plant. I then let it sit for a bit but then I bring it to the sink and tip it over to get any remaining water out of the pot. If water sits at the bottom you can get root rot so it’s important to drain.

Lots of plants come with this planter when you get them so I always keep them in it and then get a cute basket to put it in. When it’s time to water, I just bring it to the sink, water the soil completely, then when it’s done draining, put it back in the basket. I keep a garbage bag under just in case it drains anymore and then it won’t ruin the basket or table it’s on.

Find these cute succulent planters here

Plants Make me Happy

Plants not only are good for our wellness, they just make me happy. Never did I think I would be a plant lady, but here I am. I’m obsessed.


My First Two Plants

Watering Can

Basket #1

Basket #2

Basket #3

Tell me your tips and tricks for keeping your plants alive!

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