Rugs in My Home


I think a rug can completely change a room. A lot of the time I find myself picking the rug first and then basing the rest of the decor around that. Reason being is rugs can have multiple colors so you can pull accent pieces from those colors.

From Nesting With Grace


I used to buy wayyy too big of rugs for the space that I had. I always knew something was off but didn’t know what until I came across this graphic from Nesting with Grace. You will notice I reference Brooke from time to time on here because she gives me so much inspiration. I highly recommend checking out her blog here.

DIsclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through one of my links, at no cost to you.


The updated rug in our Family Room

I wish I had a before picture of what I used to have in this space. The rug went all the way behind the end of the couch and up to the built-ins which are to the right of this picture. It was just too much. This smaller rug from Boutique Rugs helps the eye focus on the couch and accent pieces vs. the very large rug.


For our dinning room, I wanted a rug big enough so that when people pull out their chairs, it is still on the rug. This rug from Pottery Barn was perfect. I don’t think they still sell it but these three options are pretty similar: Option 1 and Option 2 and Option 3.


This entryway rug is one of my faves

I used to have a little dinky rug that was only the width of the door before I found this rug from Boutique Rugs. Going the whole width of the door made such a difference!


Our bedroom rug

Rug on carpet?? Yes, please! My husband thought I was crazy but adding this detail brought so much to the room. Click here to see this bedroom transformation. You can find this rug from Boutique Rugs here.


Kitchen Rug

This boho themed kitchen rug is so comfy on our usually bare feet. I bought it at Target and you can find it here.


A lot of these rugs are very affordable and sometimes with that comes a thin rug. The one in my family room is very thin. The trick to making it more comfortable is going with a very thick rug pad. You can find the rug pad I used here.

I hope you enjoyed my rug tour! Currently planning to put an outdoor rug on our front porch and can’t wait to share it all when it comes together!


  1. Currently looking for new rugs for our house. Love your tip of picking the rug first and then decorating! Thanks for the helpful tips!

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  2. Great information! I love rugs,you are right they can change the whole look! Never thought of wider in front of doors,makes sense!


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