Our Trip to Destin

Crystal Beach, Destin, FL

We just got back from Destin and we stayed in the Crystal Beach area with my husband Greg’s family. I have been to this area one time before (Rosemary Beach) and it is by far the whitest beaches I have come across so far in the US. It’s just beautiful!

Lunch at Brotula’s

Our Favorite Restaurants

One thing that stands out is how good the food was. Here were some of our favorite places to eat:

Brotulas – This is right on the boardwalk. Great scenery (pictured above) and excellent seafood.

The boardwalk was a little too crowded for my walking but we did go on a “Dolphin Watch” cruise which the girls absolutely loved. Brennan – not so much.

The Crab Trap

The Crab Trap – This was perfect for the kids. Casual environment and they could play on the playground at the beach while we waiting for out tables. Also a bar right there so the adults could wait happily too!

Camille’s – This restaurant was very deceiving! You’ll know what I mean if you go there. But this night we had some yummy sushi and fish!


Lulu’s – Another great place to bring kids. We had lunch right on the beach here! Also one of the best Margs I’ve had in a long time!

Primrose – We grabbed breakfast here one morning and it was so good! This restaurant is located inside the Henderson Hotel which I told Greg if we ever go back here on a couples trip I want to stay here! It was absolutely gorgeous and just a block from the beach!

Villages of Crystal Beach

We went on walks daily!

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the little village we stayed in. The pool was great! Heated and big. Awesome baby pool that lead into the big pool and you could bring your own drinks and beverages. It was about 3-4 blocks from the beach which we easily did with all of the things we brought to the beach.

We stayed here and I thought it was great. Fit all of our families comfortably (8 adults, 6 kids).

Can’t wait for our next trip!

This was our first family vaca as a family of 5. We ended up driving down from Chicago (read about that here). Although the drive was a little rocky, we are already planning our next getaway!

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