Oils I Use for My Kiddos

Mom Life

Being a mom is TOUGH. It is the best, most rewarding job in the world, but man it’s hard. Whether it’s coming into our room in the middle of the night, having trouble falling asleep, falling down constantly, upset stomachs, there is always something. Insert oils!

Using Oils as Tools

There is seriously an oil for everything. I know some people find this weird/foo-foo. I used to as well. Until I used them and they helped me. Anything to make “momming” a little bit easier, sign me up. I’m grateful for these tools and want to share how they have helped me!

Kidscents Oils

If you don’t know, I use Young Living essential oils (EO). And one of my most favorite things about this company is their line of kids oils! If you’re new to oils, you may not know that EO can be strong and less is always more. To make them less strong, you can dilute them with a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc…) What’s great about these kids oils is that they are prediluted so no extra work for us!

So let’s chat about these oils….


I thought my girls got hurt a lot, but many this little boy of mine takes the cake. I did not have this tool with my girls when they were learning to crawl and walks and I am so grateful for it this time around! Anytime we get a “boo-boo” we reach for this tool. It not only soothes my kids, but it will also help the appearance of the cut. I’ve used this many times and am always amazed!


Anyone’s kids ever have the sniffles? Um, always! When my kids are extra stuffed up we reach for our sniffleease. I like to apply it on the bridge of their nose and sometimes behind their ears. Within minutes they (and me – I use it too!) feel so much better. Helps open everything up and brings comfort.


I know what foods trigger my kids. We try and stay clear but not always successful. So when needed, we grab this oil to aid in their digestion. The “tummy roller” is something my girls grab on their own now and just apply if their tummy is upset.


There are so many oils to support sleep! Some oils are extra calming which in turn helps melatonin kick in and gets us ready for bed! This predilute sleepy blend is great to roll on the bottom of your kiddos feet 20 minutes before bed. We also like to diffuse this one at bedtime!


This oil supports focus! We haven’t had to use this one too much yet, but my friends love it for their older kids that struggle with focus at school. They put a roller top right on top of it and bring it to school with them! Anytime they start losing focus, they have this tool to help them!

Owl Diffuser


My all time favorite kid diffuser is this cute owl diffuser! It doubles as a sound machine and night light too! There are different output settings as well. You can choose to diffuse continuously or intermittently. I always suggest intermittently because it makes it last longer!

Little Oilers Starter Kit

Starter Bundle

You can get everything I mentioned above in a Starter Bundle! If you haven’t gotten started with oils yet and you are a mom or dad, this is the perfect way. I share oils because of how much they have helped me and my family and I would love to help you too so please comment below or reach out to my via Instagram if you are interested in getting started.

For my oil lovers, what do you love most about these oils??

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